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For any of your legal issues there is a solution. RMi-legal has built a reputation for helping foreigners and expats in Germany with legal matters.

You need an understanding of your rights under German law to make an informed decision - be it during labor contract negotiations, the renting of an apartment or while setting up a business in Germany.

We provide you with valuable insight into German law so you understand your rights and duties and can make that informed decision.

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With a holistic approach we provide legal services in English as well as in German and see ourselves as the problem solving intermediate between any foreign private person or company and a German counterpart. Contact us with the details of your case and we will develop a speedy, comprehensive and individual solution for your problem.

Contact us free of charge and describe your legal issue. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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  Contract Design / Business Law

What are the required elements of a contract in German Law? Which clauses should be included in a contract? When is a contract binding?

Contact us in case of any questions regarding your contracts or contractual relationships. [more]

  IT-Law / Data Protection

What are the requirements under European law to run an online-shop? What should terms and conditions under European and German law include? How can I set up my online business in Germany?

We provide counseling and guidance on all aspects of cyberlaw. [more]

   Company Law

How can you best set up a company in Germany? Which is the best legal form of a company in Germany? What is the process of registering a company in Germany? Freelance or Trade Businesses?

We advise companies and entrepreneurs on all aspects of Company Law in Germany. [more]

  Labour Law

What are the specific provisions of German labour law applicable to you? What provisions does German labour law provide esp. for termination, sick leave and overtime?

If you have any questions regarding German labour law, contact us. We will inform you of all details. [more]

  Intellectual Property Law

How can copyrights be enforced in Germany and Europe? How can intellectual property be protected under German and European law? Are the specific provisions in German and European law?

We will provide you with the best possible solution to protect you individual intellectual property. [more]

  Other Areas of Law

Whether general contract law, land law, transport law or family law - with our extensive network of cooperating law firms and business consultants we can provide counseling and representation in most areas of law.

Simply send us the details of your inquiry and we will assess the best possible solution in your case. [Contact us]

Your Lawyer

Ray Migge is a laywer and translator.

Having been an expat in the US, UK and in Spain himself he understands the struggles of foreigners when it comes to coping with an unknown legal system and its bureaucracy.

He holds academic degrees in English law and German law and is a sworn-in translator for the English language at the Higher Regional Court in Düsseldorf (OLG Düsseldorf), Germany.

Feel free to contact Ray Migge with your inquiry:

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Jeglicher Geschäftsverkehr kann auf Englisch erfolgen. Auch die Prozessführung vor englisch-sprachigen Kammern ist problemlos möglich. Besuchen Sie auch unsere englische Webseite.



All communication with our law firm may be done in English or German. We are also qualified to proceed with trials in English-speaking courts in Germany. You can also contact us with cases involving Polish or Spanish. Visit our English webpage or our notes for Polish clients.

Streaming in Germany - Legal or Illegal?

Interview with German TV (WDR) in 2017

If you have a received a notice for streaming or downloading a film, music or images, contact us for a free-of-charge first analysis.