The Law Firm

Founded in 2016, RMi-Legal | Rechtsanwalt Ray Migge strives to establish itself as a boutique law firm for the counseling and representation for companies from English-speaking nations and Poland. The firm provides expertise in the area of German company and commercial law, German labour law and the protection of intellectual property. We also advise on IT-law and compliance issues in the digital sphere.

All communication may be done in English, German or Polish. Our workflow and processes are assisted by latest technology and software to enhance the quality of our service.

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What we offer

Assertiveness, elaborateness and efficiency - these are the fundamentals that drive us and that we can provide best. Together with our clients we analyze their legal and economic interests and develop a strategy that enables our clients to enforce their rights.

Our services include consultation and counsel outside of court. Among others we design contracts and documents, thereby minimizing the risk of legal proceedings at a later stage. Negotiations and settlement proceedings are another valuable tool to avoid formal court proceedings

Sometimes court proceedings are inevitable. In those cases we assist our clients in preparing the case and bringing it to the competent German court. Detailed knowledge of the relevant procedural law enables us to enforce your rights in court.

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