Protecting your Rights!

Intellectual property (IP) serves to protect the rights of individuals and companies. It protects the unique intangible property. IP law is a very internationalized area of law. While national laws are the key to enforcing IP rights, international regulations influence and guide the development of nationals laws. As the world becomes more globalized so does the struggle for the protection of intellectual property. European laws harmonize the application of IP law in European nations and there are also many harmonization efforts at a global scale - especially between the U.S. and Europe.

We advise on the application of German and European law, advise on protecting your rights on this side of the pond and represent you in case of IP violations.

Contact us with your questions, e.g. regarding:

  • Written warnings
  • Protection against violations of intellectual property rights
  • Registration of patents, industrial and design patents, etc.
  • Rights of use
  • Claims to remuneration
  • Competition law and competition regulations
  • Product piracy and counterfeiters
Intellectual property lawyer in Germany