Special Provisions in German and European Cyberlaw and IT-Law!

The internet celebrated it 25th anniversary on August 6th, 2016. As would be expected of a twen, it is by now accepted by almost all generations. eCommerce has peaked yet again last year.

European laws provide a high standard for commercial trade online especially in regards to online stores selling goods and services to consumers. This has lead to the shady practice of written warnings. Specialized law firms send written warnings to companies and private people whenever they suspect a violation of information requirements and competition law.

Our passion for information technology enables us to advise our clients from a special perspective. Understanding the products and services our clients offer is the prerequisite to an effective representation of our clients.

Contact us in regards to questions such as:

  • Written warning
  • Requirements for terms and conditions on webpages
  • Components of imprints on webpages
  • Information requirements under European and German law
  • Forming of contracts online
  • Domains and competition
  • Social media and intellectual property
  • Online cross border trade
  • Design of websites and online stores in compliance with European and German law