Getting the Best out of a Contract - Advice for Employees and Employers

German labour law protects the employee in various ways. Because of that, many clauses in labour contract are invalid and void.

Having invalid clauses in a labour contract is a risk for both, the employer and the employee: The employer might be liable for higher payments and the employee might miss on valuable income or vacation.

German labour law is also very restrictive when it comes to the termination of a labour contract. There are deadlines to be met in order to validly terminate an employee and reasons must be present for any such termination.

If you are unsure about your rights and obligations, feel free to ask us any question regarding topics such as:

  • Labour contracts in Germany / contract design
  • Temporary work / subcontracted work in Germany
  • Minimum wages / equal pay in Germany / working time
    • Working overtime
    • Vacation
  • Safety at work / health at work
  • Compliance
  • Termination of contract and cancellation agreements in German law
    • Severance schemes / reconciliation of interests
  • Compensation / severance pay
  • Mediation
  • Worker's council / employee representation in Germany
  • Transfer of a company